Is my child lonely?

Hi all. My son is 3. His dad left me a year and a half ago for another women so we went through a very rough time but we are all settled and happy in our new life and his dad is still involved having him on a Sunday and over night on a Saturday every 2 weeks. He has a half brother (his dads other son who is 12) and he seems to really enjoy his company and his dads girlfriend has a 5 year old daughter who he also seems to get a long with very well. In our home it’s just me and my son. We play together and go for long walks in the park etc but he just has me for company. 

I've recently been advised that maybe getting him a dog would be a good idea. Service dogs are very hard to come by in our area so I’ve been looking into this myself (picking a dog with the right temperament and ensuring my boy bonds with the dog before we get him/her and getting him/her the best training).

Myself and my partner have no plans to have any children. I’m just worried he’s lonely and that another companion in the house might help him a bit with his a anxiety at bed time and also help to get him out a bit more. 

Does anyone have any advice on this? Perhaps someone who got a pet to help their autistic child and is it worth it? It is certainly not something I’m rushing into. It’s a very big decision and requires a lot of thought but I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. 

Thank you


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