Can anyone recommend a representative for PIP appeal?

Hi all, my 23yr old son has had his PIP award stopped, and failed the mandatory reconsideration. I need to find a representative for the appeal process. Family have offered to pay, but how can I find a reliable representative? I can't get thru on any charity helplines, including NAS. If you have used a representative and recommend them, please get in touch. My son is about to leave residential care, and the PIP was supposed to pay for his new carer, who has no experience in appeals tribunals. NB I can't represent him myself as I am also disabled.

  • Have you tried DIAL? They were great with me. I also had support from a disability rights group that I found on line. I can’t remember who they were and they’re likely to not be in your area anyway, but if you google local disability rights groups just contact whatever comes up. Good luck. You will most likely win the appeal but I definitely recommend getting support. You can also email NAS for support. Sometimes you’ve just got to keep trying until you get through. There are a lot of us asking them for their help but you will get through eventually.