8yo constantly hurting younger brother

My 8 year old is autistic and is so aggressive to his 2 year old brother I just don't know how to deal with it anymore. This break from school has had me at breaking point I have to try and keep them separated at all times. He will hit/kick/push him just for going near him. He screams at him and my 2yo is really quite scared of him now.

No punishments have worked and i really don't know what to do but we can't carry on as we are. Has anyone been in a similar situation who can advise me what to do from here? 

  • Hello, Sorry to hear about your troubles, this subject comes up fairly frequently. 

    NAS does offer a parent to parent service which you can find here. The NAS helpline can be found here. Child Autism UK also have a helpline, you can find it here.  There is a Facebook page ‘Autism Moms Support Group’ that can be found here, it’s based in the U.S.A. but has an international reach, you may get some helpful tips. Ambitious About Autism are also worth checking out. Some parents report that omega 3 and probiotics can help reduce challenging behaviour, the science is inconclusive, but it won’t do any harm to try.  All the best, Graham.