h pylori in pregnancy and birth milk- autism . something Iv wondered about

I read the very academic discussion  the other thread. It made me wonder about something.

I have been treated for h pylori. It was when my daughter was about four. I was very ill with it and the doctor was shocked when I demanded to be tested after researching it on the internet.

she was deeply offended when it came back that I was seriously occupied by the little critters.

So I was treated with a awful lot of stuff, stayed in bed for about two weeks due to the side effects and basically weed it out. I had never lost my excess weight from birth and lost a stone in a week as my bloated stomach disappeared and I discharged the cretins. 

Anyway my question in relation to autism and micro organisms (bugs, Im not scientific) is this. If you have h pylori in you and you *** feed until the child is three as I did could the h pylori pass on. Was the h  pylori in me and within the sack she grew in (water) and could h pylori be part of this.

I know Iv read it can hybridize and I read a research paper about it being found in the side of the brain near a persons ear.

I therefore changed my diet to alkaline and totally stopped sugar intake as you get it naturally anyway.(candida) I changed completely but due to personal circumstances the v healthy diet has slipped over the years again.

Some of the symptoms of h pylori in myself were similar to those of those of autism and early stages of Alzheimer's.

Can you have a child checked for it  and would it make sense to do this if you've been treated yourself

isn't there a list of micro bugs that the NHS don't test for similar and as dangerous as h pylori if not more.

After the treatment I was ill with a synus infection for six months and I gave up going to the doctors.

I researched Chinese medicine and took something I wont mention that completely got rid of it by the good bacteria eating the bad.

I just wondered with h pylori in relation to the other discussion if a heavy infestation of them could cause or help develop autism.

Im not medical but an engineer so excuse my vagueness.