5 year old refusing to go to school


My son is part way through being assessed for autism.  We saw a Paediatrician who said he was autistic but he has been referred to a Speech and Language Therapist for assessment.

He is really struggling with school and refused to go today. I spoke to him about it and he eventually agreed to go in.  Once there I left him in the classroom and got to the school gates and he had run out to find me.   He says he hates school.  I am really struggling.  They are offering him brilliant support and he has regular breaks in a sensory area and a tent they have set up in the classroom.

I have tried to take him into school as late as possible as he prefers to be able to walk straight in.  This has been working really well until today.  Any advice would be brilliant!  Thanks.

  • Hi, as the school is being supportive is there another entrance he could use rather than the classroom Door? Or maybe they would allow him to enter earlier so as to avoid the stress as he gets there? I know my daughter struggles at drop off and finds the initial going in to class really daunting in her case the teacher meets her at the door and walks her in this works for her (until they have a supply teacher ) 

    Talk to the school they might have some ideas 

  • Thank you. They tried letting him in earlier but sometimes he wants to play. I guess we take each day as it comes. He was happy going in today. I also found the school refusal article on here and it has been really helpful.