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HI, my 14 yo high functioning ASD chlid is having some real challenges.  Primary school was a breeze, he is smart and never had to study.  Secondary... another matter.  His social challenges led to his friends from early years - often the result of parental playdates and the like - faded away, he is alone, having hygiene issues, refusing to go to school, sneaking up late at night to get on internet, failing tests.  The school is mystified, he was such a good student, and seems to us poorly suited to meet his special learning needs.  We live in Jakarta, expats, and my wife travels all the time - which leads to real disruption.  We've tried a number of local expat counselors, but none are well suited.  We are a bit desperate - thinking about quitting jobs and moving home - but our other kids are doing well, and we don't have really good options on return.  So... we were wondering, does anyone know of any CBT specialists who work online - through Skype or some other means.  Anyone have experience with that, and is it even a real option?  Our boy is quite comfortable online, so we think it might even work better for him than face to face - but we are really new to this.  Any guidance or views are appreciated. Cheers, Tom

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  • Hello and welcome

    I'm an autistic adult and not a parent, by the way, but can relate a bit to your son's experience.  In the UK, there might be access to child and adolescent mental health services and specific learning support through SEN... so are you sure you've explored all the specialist support he could get at local schools? Is it an English language school?

    CBT can be entirely computerised, eg although I'm don't know of an autism-specific online course. Another possibility might be an autism mentor.  Maybe he can help find someone himself?

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    I hope you find some help here or elsewhere.

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