7 year old daughter and female teachers

Hello i am a newbie to posting on here i have followed for a long time just not posted i was wondering if anyone has had problems with their child and female teachers or vice versa 

she had a female teacher in year 1 they had real difficulty getting my daughter to anything at times she takes not a blind bit of notice of them she was a real struggle  for this teacher at times then what they would do is remove her to another class so when she was in year 2 they would send her to a class in year 1 ( any thoughts on this would be appreciated ) when she went into year 2 it was a male teacher and she was much better than year 1 but she did have her moments even with him she would be send to year 1 if she was being disruptive. 

she has had 8 days of school in year 3 not only are the teachers female they do job share so 1 teacher is in Monday Tuesday Wednesday the other teacher is in Wednesday Thursday Friday not a clue how she will manage with this..i got pulled by the teacher yesterday   she has not managed to get her to do any work and as the teacher was clearly trying to encourage her to do work she said she hated the teacher which the teacher heard she was given a talking too over this my child apologised 3 times but still would do no work.

any ideas anyone has over how i can support my daughter as i can see this being a long  and difficult year.

thank you.