Bedtime and Sleeping

My son is 12 years old and he was diagnosed last Wednesday even though we have known since he was 3 years old!

My son really struggles at bedtime he has his routine but he just cant seem to get off to sleep and when he does he wakes up a lot.

Has anyone got any advice please?  

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  • Hi there, my 7 year old son has trouble going to sleep and can lay awake for 4 hours +. We have tried lots of things over the years and have found the best things which work for him are ear defenders and a weighted blanket. The ear defenders he has used for several years and tend to be a last resort when he has been awak for several hours. The weighted blanket we have only had for a month, and it has made such a difference with him going to sleep normally now averaging less than an hour and sleeping through the night. Was quite expensive but worth every penny

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