I'm new and looking for advise please.


I'll try and be brief but basically I want to know if my daughters behaviour is worth pursuing, or if I should continue to just 'manage'!

My daughter has received no diagnosis for autism. She is 9 years old.

She has been diagnosed with having a facial Tic.

She is the model student at school and is doing well.  Very academic and very sociable.

At home - she is very difficult.  Always bored, no interests, very fidgety, lack of concentration, grumpy, always wants to be in the same room as me.  No solo playing - will happily play with me or her little sister.  Has to know what is happening and when.  Struggles with 'alone time'.

As she is really good at school and they have no issues, I don't know if I should carry on as we are, although it is difficult at home, we do manage, or if you think I'm causing future problems by not addressing her issues.

It could just be her age, but her behaviour just isn't right.

It's like she's good all day at school, gets home and lets it all out!

She knows she has a facial tic, but that doesn't bother her and so far, her friends haven't commented either.

I'm reluctant to seek advise/help as I don't know if I should make her aware of her behaviour or not - I wouldn't want to make it worse.  I can manage her behaviour, but her dad struggles at times.

I'm sure it's a very mild case, if indeed it is a case of autism at all.

Any advise would be appreciated.  

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  • I am not an expert, nor a parent.

    always wants to be in the same room as me.  No solo playing

    Does not sound autistic to me, although possibly ADHD. Or could a tic suggest Tourette syndrome? A long shot.

    her behaviour just isn't right

    Can you say in what way exactly?

    Does she not like reading? Are there any tasks you can give her, while you're in the same room, that might relieve the boredom? If you mention a particular incident, maybe she will reveal the reasons for her feelings beforehand?

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