Hi - Father of 14 yr old son with OCD and now it looks like Aspergers

Its been a tough few months for the whole family. To cut a long story short, he was getting really bad OCD.

GP referred him to CAMHS. We paid for a counsellor also. It got worse - he started to get violent and aggressive.

Eventually, we saw CAMHS. Completely useless. Two months ago and they still have not started any counselling.

Things came to a head as his aggresiveness got worse. It was starting to get dangerous in the house - he has a 4 yr old sister too. CAMHS refused to help. Pretty much said we had to phone social services or the police and also, "look at our parenting methods". Wow!

All we could do was go to A&E. They couldnt help apart from contact CAMHS again. Really amazed how poor NHS is.

Recently, we paid for private psychaitrist. £220 but best money we've spent. Confirmed OCD and more than likely Aspergers and has started son on medication - Sertraline.

The story continues...