Anyone else into dance music (Trance, Hardstyle, Techno)???

I love dance music, just wondering if anyone else is also into it?

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  • Yes.  Love it.  I started as a trance DJ (because I found social situations otherwise extremely stressful and I had no idea of how to function in that environment so at least I could keep myself occupied) and I produce techno now.  

    I always loved electronic music and Synthesizers.  Totally my thing.  I never really got music with lyrics as a kid.  I wouldn't read fiction either.  I loved the cleaness of the synths and rigid machine rythyms of dance music.  There is something about the repetition I find works for me.  Sometimes when I'm producing i will listen to a 4-8 bar loop for hours making tiny adjustments to the sounds/mix.  

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