Hi my self and parther and 3 kids my son is 20 and my girls are 18 and 9 my older 2 suffer from social anxiety so don't go out really but my youngest has Austim and other addition needs and currently waiting on testing for ADHD and we had family of 5 in a 3 bedroom house my youngest has to sleep in living room and doesn't have bed so sleeps on small mattress which not ideal and suffering with school and emotions in school and at home she has small cornroe with teddies and blankets in cornroe of living room but not great and we don't have any storage and wrote to mps n counselos  for letters of support but noting feel like at my wites end and now school and scoailworker saying not out our has priority than the older 2 has they have rooms but youngest not bother but understand she's loved a room has she never had a bedroom and my oldest dauvhter os like well cant sleep in same room as her and if I gice her my room my ckothes and stuff has to stay in .y room just dont know what to do