How good is your memory?

Does anybody else struggle with their short term memory?

This is becoming a serious problem for me. If I watch or read something I literally cannot remember what happened five minutes before. I usually remember the main characters names but that's about it. This is such a weird thing for me because as a kid I had a great memory, especially long term, but also short term memory too. The books I read as a kid I remember easily like I read them yesterday but as an adult it's becoming a real problem.

I don't know if this is an autistic thing or if it's maybe related to anxiety. I say anxiety because this is something that affects me in many different ways and I've considered it might be affecting my memory now.

My MH team would likely say it's mental health related which is why I haven't told them yet :') 

It definitely isn't an age thing because I've only just turned 27. But it's becoming an annoying problem to say the least!

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