Anyone else feel incompetent?

I feel like I can never do anything nor am I good at anything.

academically: I’m meh I just pass. Bare minimum pass

Personal life: I have no talents, I try to learn things but I’m soo bad it infuriates me into giving up while others are like to me it’s easy

relationships: I barely have any friends can’t seem to keep them and I feel like friend of convenience or situational friend (the friend you talk to when you have no one else). I’ve never been in a relationship either (25) 

now I’m in a situation where my grades aren’t good enough to up anywhere but im stuck where I am, don’t have friends to truly talk to and im just constantly feeling not good, it’s soo bad that I can’t remember a time when I was good.

sigh woe is me 

thanks for listening 

  • yeah.... the solution is when you see everyone else and people in proffessions and work and you realise how unproffesional... and... not smart... to put it kindly.... they are

  • i can relate. I've never been in a relationship either and have no friends since i left school and I'm a lot older than you. I thought experience after 21 was more important to getting to university without grades. May be things have changed or may be they haven't and you might want to look into it.