Radio X

I listen to Radio X on my Digital Car Radio.

Not perfect, but what's great is freaking Awesome.

Now getting into Sam Fender's new single. A Mad Scientist's concoction of The Cure and the E Street Band.

Not to mention all the greats from the past few decades.

  • Yeah I like this station. It's great for listening to occasionally if you like the indie / alternative classics plus a sprinkling of new stuff. It's not perfect like you say, it does get repetitive and limited quite quickly even if you only listen to it while driving for example, the playlist all too soon does become a bit too limited to be perfect.

    But nothing is perfect eh, if you like this sort of music, but prefer a huge and varied, more adventurous and virtually unlimited playlist there is always Radio 6, but alas i cant get that in my car.

  • 6Music was my radio staple eleven years ago; then I got too busy to listen to radio.