anyone speak French?

I'm learning French via Duolingo, however I am aware that it doesn't help much with fluency, since it can only teach you words and certain sentences etc.

I wonder if anyone hear speaks French and would be willing to have general French conversations with me to help my fluency/general chit-chat phrases?


  • il doit y avoir quelqu'un ?
  • Hi, Miaxx. I am a fluent French speaker. Have you tried any other resources?  There are lots of great websites, mostly free, and hundreds basic conversation lessons on YouTube. I don't have much energy to spare at the moment, unfortunately. If you want to start a conversation in French on this thread, then I'll be happy to reply in French when I can and provide corrections.  Or, if you have any specific language points that you want to work on, then you could always bob them in a private message. 

    As a starter, to give you the basics of conversation, this is a useful video for beginners. FrenchPod101. She's a native French speaker and she has a very clear voice.

    Bonne chance!

  • Have you tried listening to the Duolingo podcast? It's in French and English and I find it gives a better feel for conversation than the app alone. I'm also learning and I find it helpful, though obviously not as good as real conversation.