Support for a autistic 14 year old required

Hi I’ve got autism of many forms and I need support after discovering a distant family member also has equal interests as me who also has autism but the issue I’ve got is he is only 14 and I’m 28 and he utterly loves me but we are both scared about having a relationship with consent coz far as I’m aware it’s illegal until he becomes 16 however he’s got no interest of anyone his age yet he’s shy about adults just the same as me he’s got a growing obsession about wanting nappies and keeps saying that he wants me to care for him but as much as I want to i sickens me into thinking I’m a pedo when in truth I’m the far opposite and never want to ever become one and so what can I do about him and myself because my family thinks is good that he wants me to care for him in such a way but I don’t believe it’s right thing to do unless someone can confirm that I’m just over reacting and not thinking what’s good over bad and so I’m begging for help on this as I’ve no where else I can go for such support