The r slur from a sister with a brother wt autism

I didn’t know where to write this but my brother has high functioning autism and he on the daily calls me (I’m not autistic) the r slur, I take some offence to this not because it means stupid and I don’t want to look stupid but it has such an awful background that I want everyone to move on from and just be respectful to The disabled. He uses the fact he has autism as an excuse I’m not sure how I feel about it and I don’t know if I should say hey maybe use a different word or let him say it willingly. :) asking for a friend

  • thats not really acceptable ---- you have to ring him up and explain in a mild way that you find "r slur" unacceptable. Tell him it is unacceptable to everyone else as well now. Explain its getting out of hand and is no longer funny.   Then when he uses it again hang up immediately. 

    Temple Grandin ( famous autistic author and researcher )  says "You can not use autism as an excuse". I find her attitude to her autism the best.