Home-kit test done this morning

This morning I did the Covid home-kit test - which arrived yesterday afternoon - and it arrived half-an-hour ago; while I was on a Zoom conference and it was my turn to speak. At least I was quick to cop on, although I would have preferred a text notification. Northern Ireland is having a week off - because of the Twelfth; I won't go into much detail about that. ;)

I still haven't received the refund from EasyJet for the cancelled flight to and from Manchester I was supposed to get in May. A friend of mine from Carrickfergus sent me the email of the CEO of EasyJet to push the boat. A bloke named Merlin said that they'll look into it and thanked me for my 'patients'.

The bed base I was supposed to get from Amazon was cancelled, and refunded, as they don't deliver to Northern Ireland. In the end, I ordered one online from IKEA; coming in three weeks time. Online shopping is a right MoFo.

My brother wanted to get a drive-in test last Thursday but said that they were fully booked. I reckon he's telling porkies; as there wasn't another soul to be seen while I did BOTH my drive-in tests. However, I'll let it be.

I have a shave booked for a fortnight's time; at the barber I used to go to. MY BabyLis works okay, but this is just a boost.

A week tomorrow, I'm beginning counselling sessions; first of six. God willing, it will be through Zoom. Otherwise, it will be over the phone.

Also, I have filled a form to send to my Key Worker next week; a referral for a Social Farm outside Claudy. It's roughly an hour's drive. But I'm willing to drive that length to get out and do stuff.

I've taken the past week easy. Less stress and rushing around. I will get a possible diagnosis of General Anxiety Disorder.

Hopefully, the test will be negative.