Autistic Aid

Hi I Caroline, am 55, probable aspergers on my health notes, I have also dyslexia there is no assements in my area that's the best I get, I know and my Mum knows it's quite bad, during the pandemic I have noticed worrying gaps that everyone agrees with in Autism that we are not always protected, I have come up with Autistic Aid an idea for all that would cover all those under the spectrum and down syndrome also, The Autistic places tell me theirs a bad gap, for struggling, for info, for DNR which we can often feel vulnerable, I wont know one to be left like that whether  a Law or an app of help would be there with us always. hope this is ok? to start it's close to my heart so I wonder what everyone here would think. And ofcourse the Society which have spoken to me, I don't give up becuase people keep telling me the gaps still there.