Anyone self medicate on psychedelics ?

Not advocate anything, but Im wondering if any one experiments with things to improve their mental health.

These things are safe if your educated, I just have a theory on Polymorphism on the serotonin receptors and transporters.
Sorry if it all sounds too complicated, I'm interested in your experiences as I'm trying to base an idea on this paper.

  • I can probably reply to this without too much controversy.

    I have a condition called cluster headaches and was on a clinical trial where they used the psychoactive component of magic mushrooms (psilocybin) in microdoses to try and control the headaches (cluster headaches are one of the biggest pains treated by the NHS). 

    Bearing in mind it was tiny doses in a controlled medical environment, I wasn't tripping balls in a field, I felt like when I came down I experienced really magnified aspects of my autism like I was paranoid that I wasn't following social protocols (I work with the public so that's a big fear for me) and that people were talking about me. I also experienced massive anxiety even though I don't generally suffer from general anxiety disorder.

    I ended up being brought out of the trial early due to the mental health tests indicating that something was going wrong which sucked because it was helping with the headaches. 

  • I'm a bit sceptical of genetic studies like the one you cite. HTTLPR polymorphism was trumpeted as implicated in depression until they found out they couldn't replicate the results.

    Still, psychedelics are something that you will see continually get scientific attention because of their profound effect (various mentions in New Scientist), and indeed drug companies have tried making money from one enantiomer of ketamine. There's also increasing interest in the Psychedelic Society.

    For me, I've had only negative reactions to SSRIs and other antidepressants. But I do find beneficial effects of alcohol and caffeine in moderation and have in the distant past tried other things in moderation. LSD creates a 'fluidity' or openness that I know other people found to be the only effective thing for their OCD. While alcohol makes you (feel) less autistic, LSD probably increases sensory sensitivity, but also maybe overcomes a 'tramline' rationality and enables access to (positive) emotions and things that are otherwise inaccessible.  As you probably know, LSD used to be used as an adjunct to psychotherapy. 'Set and setting' are important supposedly with both psilocybin and LSD, so comfortable environment with friends would seem to minimise any chance of a bad trip (of which I hear more on psilocybin than LSD).

    As I see it there are two main barriers to LSD being available on prescription or more widely for research purposes: (a) it's only effective in tiny and occasional doses, so hard to reasonably make money from. Esketamine was approved in the USA, but not UK, probably taking into account a price of about £400 a dose; (b) it's not patented, so again hard to make money from (it is chiral, so maybe there could be an enantiomer patented.) If those two were sorted, public political perception might change as it often does under drug company influence.

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