Felt I should talk about this

As I think most people have noticed by now, I've ended up on a life mission encouraging autistics to investigate alternatives to traditional employment.

It took me decades to work out that was a good idea, and even then only because I ended up with severe mental health problems making me unemployable/dangerous to work with. I've seen so many others going the same way I did that I felt I had to do something.

However each path in life carries it's own risks and pitfalls, since I can't share my social media links where I go into detail I'm just going to copy and paste this post:

There are a ton of scam business/business training courses out there.

Personally I would say just avoid any paid course, or pre-package online business model that requires cash up front. Statistically speaking they are likely to be a scam, and it takes some experience to tell the good ones. Besides everything you need to get started is free on YouTube etc so why take any risks?

In particular be aware of the basic structure of pyramid schemes. In purest form these are easy to identify and avoid, which is why they rarely appear in pure form anymore but are presented as part of something else.

If any part of a business structure involves getting paid for building a pyramid of people underneath you RUN FOR THE HILLS.

Here is a classic example I was presented with earlier this week. Note in particular number of times in video they lead up to stating normal earnings but get sidetracked just before giving any facts and figures, This is done to build the illusion of candor. They also normally come with a group that indulges in mutual praise and recognition to provide dopamine response and mental conditioning alongside possible cult-like aspects.

Including link to show how they present themselves. Please don't sign up as I don't want to be responsible for that.

Have a look at the free training here instead: