Siblings with asd

Hi, I’m just wondering if there is anyone In a similar situation to me.

I’m currently trying for a baby with my partner who has an autistic child from a previous marriage. She’s now 7 and is low on the spectrum. I’m worried about the chances of having another autistic child And how I would deal with things. 

Is there anyone who can speak to me about their experiences? 

  • Hi

    i have a daughter with HFA level 1 aspergers . I‘VE just been diagnosed the same. I have another daughter who has dyspraxia. 

    All I can say is even if you have a child with autism, you and he/she will grow together and learn from each other and how each other ticks. You’ll know what to do and how your own child reacts to things, what they do/don’t like. 

    Autistic traits do tend to run in families, but it’s not always the case. 

    good luck with the baby making

  • You can talk to me about your experiences. Both I and my husband are autistic, as is our LO. I'm really interested in finding out why you are concerned that you may have a baby that is like us?

    I'm a teacher and my husband is a director at an engineering firm. Like our PNT peers, its the way autistic people are natured that has the greatest impact on their life. Think about a child who is constantly told they are not good enough, will never amount to anything, that they are easy pray for bullies etc. Individuals who experience this level of abuse and poor parenting often have negative and limiting thought patterns, as well as emotional outburst. Especially compared to those whose are taught how to; advocate for their needs, build upon their strengths, manage their weaknesses etc.

  • Why is it an issue if you have an autistic child? What if your child had a physical disability is that something else that would be an issue to you ? Life isn’t perfect 

    I doubt any parent wants to have a child that may suffer / be in pain / have difficulties or any disadvantage. But just been concerned you don’t want a child with autism is basically a luck in the teeth to those that have autism. How do you think you step daughter would feel knowing you don’t want a child like her