When Lockdown Ends - What next?

What's your #1 desire when things go back to normal?       Seeing friends?   Going shopping for no reason?     Sunbathing in the park?


I really NEED a McD Quaterpounder with Cheese and a Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin!  

Until then, I can make my own version......   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAbeBXAYztk

  • lol!  Hopefully can have a joint birthday meal with family as all our birthdays will have been in lockdown and all spent alone.

    Just hope any second wave doesn't lock the country down again for xmas as we live seperately but meet up at someone's house for xmas day. Annoying as birthdays and xmas are the only times I socialise. 

  • Mine is to have my partner spend time with someone else outside the home for a few hours, both to give them more chance to chat and to give me time alone. The only time I've spent alone in the last 2 months is in the toilet.

    While they are out, I'd just like to be home because I want to, instead of because I have to. 

  • Hi, just passing by...

    I really NEED a McD Quaterpounder with Cheese and a Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin!  

    I hear You, Plastic. I Myself miss KFC, Rollerskaters, Exercise, and especially REAL CHINESE FOOD...  *sob sob* ... excuse Me whilst I run away to cry despondantly into My inabillity to recieve EMails... (!)

  • I was going to say seeing family.... but now you mention McDonald’s, the choice is so difficult! 

  • To have my hair cut. Mine is like matted crazy string. I have had a go at cutting my fringe which now looks similar to when my mum used to cut it when I was about 5. My husband did say he could give me a haircut with his clippers. I quickly declined :-) 

  • Mine is to see family and also have some time alone. Maybe I can go for a drive now actually which would serve that purpose of being alone.

  • Lol yes I am glad that I stopped dying my hair few years ago and that it’s just long. I started trimming it myself ages ago so it’s one thing I don’t have to worry about now anyway. Yep keep those clippers away lol.

  • When lockdown ends the first thing Im going to do is go visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo. I had intended to go the day after lockdown was announced but obviously that ended up not happening. 
    Something else I want to do is book a hotel in Chester and take a couple of days to walk around Chester Zoo.

    In the future I plan on moving into my own flat too. Lockdown cant end quickly enough.

  • Moving into your own flat will be liberating (I’ve just done it myself). I assume by your post you are an animal lover? 

  • Aye I very much am an animal lover! 
    Yes getting my own flat would be fantastic but there is an awful lot about it that scares me.