Developing "special Interest"? about psychedelic research and experiences

I don't know if this thread will get pulled or not I hope it doesn't.  I self-identify as being on the spectrum. I've gone off reading and resesrching about autism since I have developed a very keen interest in psychedelics.  Not to take. But ive been reading up about a particular one since the Monday just after Christmas when a very brief conversation with a friend set the spark going. 

It's like I cannot get enough of it. YouTube,  forums, articles, studies. I bought a book by rick strassman and read it inside a week and a half. I finished it tonight so ive been looking at what other books i can buy. Ive stsrted in a youtube audio book by terencr mckenna. I've been looking online at which psychedelics I could grow in my garden. I've been reading about microdosing. I've been reading accounts of people's trips. I've been looking into how to take part in research. Reading up about the powerful effevts is changing how i see the wotld and im changing my beliefs from material to spiritual. I have only talked to one person about it all as he's very open to "talking deep".

I still wonder if I'm on the spectrum. (And it's not just because of interests... I have plenty of other reasons too...)

Does anyone else share this interest?

Has anyone got any first hand experience of this subject?