Hello I am new to this and really need some help from any parents out there! I have a 9 year old daughter who we are concerned about. She displays some symptoms of Aspergers but not all. She can make eye contact and she isn’t sensitive to sound or light but she can’t interact socially, she doesn’t cry and can’t connect why someone would cry at a film because it isn’t real. She has limited emotional range. She was obsessed with dinosaurs aged 2 and could name them all, then it was sharks and now if we watch a film she is obsessed with what other films the actors have been in, how much money they earned from the film and if they are a “good” actor. She has never played with a single toy imaginatively. She builds Lego but then won’t play with it after at all. She wants to know what is happening that week and becomes anxious if things change. Everyday she has to know exactly what’s happening from getting up to bed. I told her we were going to a climbing centre one night and from that I had 15 questions about how long it would take to get there. How many climbing walls are there, what would be for tea there, what the harness looks like, if there is a helmet to be worn, how long we’ll be there. She has said that if she doesn’t have all her questions answered about anything they go round in her head as she tries to find the answers. She watches clocks to plan her time and wants to know when things like lunch are happening and then she plans activities or school work to fit in that time. It took her 2 years to learn to ride a bike. She can’t swim, can’t ice skate, can’t dance, can’t do monkey bars at play grounds. She has a tic with her eyes and sometimes has random outbursts of noises or body movements. 

we are seeing the GP in the morning but I am just wanting to know if this sounds familiar to anyone.

please help me I feel my daughter is trapped feeling weird and not normal like everyone else and it’s breaking my heart.