Hello, i work in a primary school and we have a 4 year old boy who is autistic. Just lately he has been uinating on the floor and jumpng up and down in it, any suggestions?

  • It's worth looking at what's happening in the run up to this happening. Is he so absorbed in what he's doing that he's ignoring the urge to go to the loo? Is he over-excited or happy? Or does he just enjoy the sensory feel of jumping up and down in the urine? Once you can work out what the behaviour is doing for him, or what he's using it to communicate, you may be able to think about how to tackle it. 

    You could try contacting ERIC, which is a toileting charity. His parents could ask the school nurse for a referral to the children's continence team. You could also look at visual reminders showing him the order in which to go to the toilet. Also, look at social stories and books / cartoons on toilet training. 

    Get him to help in the cleaning up afterwards, if it's a chore to tidy up he may think twice about doing it. It depends on his level of understanding. But don't get angry or make him feel ashamed, it's all about working out whether there's a meaning behind it or simply that he can't control himself. In which case, regular trips to the loo with visuals will help. You can also try tracking when he does it to see if there's a pattern and take him to the toilet 10 minutes before he usually goes, or around 20 minutes after a drink. 

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    You may find the following link from the NAS website on Autism and toileting of use:


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