What is my friend thanking me for here?

What is my friend thanking me for here?

I met a friend recently (before Christmas) and I sent the following message to her shortly after she left :

‘Hi [friend’s name], great to see you today! I really enjoyed catching up with you - hope you enjoyed it too. I hope you have a great Christmas! :)’

I got the following reply (almost instantly) :

‘Thanks :) hope you have a great christmas too!’

What is she thanking me for here? Is she thanking me for saying I enjoyed it, or for wishing here a happy Christmas (or both)?

If she is thanking me for the Christmas part only, does this suggest that she ignored the first part of the message about enjoying it, possibly implying that she didn't enjoy meeting??

tl;dr - Does this suggest that she still wants to meet again one day?

  • Good Tidings to "NAS24919"... and YES, I have replied to You before. So... Apologies, This reply from Me *may* seem "cold", but it is not meant to be. --  if You are genuine, then so am I.   I really mean this. (Myself and a few others, I think...!)

    ...Yet another "What does ----- mean here" Thread!? I honestly suggest that instead of asking <>strangers here upon this NAS-Forum... (who likely do not know You)... if You are genuinely puzzled or stymied by a respone from someone You seem to know better... *ahem*...

    ...*You should state Your slight-confusion at THEM, instead of constantly asking opinion from strangers upon here (!!!). We have nothing to do with whomever You talk to, or ask, or speak to, or text... any of that! 

    If the people You ask about are *truly* supportive of You, then They will understand Your need to constantly ask "What does ----- mean" all of the time.

    Put a Text or a reply back DIRECTLY back at them and ask them to clarify.

    You may be paranoid or worried or whatnot... that is alright. It is good to think about things... but it is not good to *worry* about things. Talk to all of these people, and You shall soon sort out who is good for You and who is not. Judge People by their actions & reactions, and You shall find out who is worth Your time and who is not.

    ...To close this Post - how about some feedback upon all of the other Threads You have opened upon the same Theme of "What does ----- mean here?" ... That would be appreciated, I think, by many of us here who have replied to Your "What does ----- mean here?" Threads yet have recieved no feedback from You upon them (e.g. as to how events progressed for You.).

    As I said, I really do apologise if I seem cold, here. But it as if You are seeking to learn from social interaction, yet You continually pose questions and do not respond; and only respond by posing a completely different/new question. (For anyone new reading, please look up "What does mean here" in the search box, and at least six other Threads should appear.) Thank You if someone else also replied here - *with knowledge/awareness of ALL of the other Threads*, also...

  • What is she thanking me for here?

    She may be Thanking You for "texting" her. And for exchanging "Christmas greetings". This is often an automatic courtesy... but it depends upon how close You are as Friends or not.