Travel anxiety

Hi All, 


I am an occupational therapy student and would appreciate some people’s opinion on a product I have created for a module at university. 

My idea is to have an app to support people to use public transport. The app would link up with your local public transport services and provide information on times, changes delays and other relevant information in a format that is easy to read and understand. The app would also include games and information with techniques and strategies of coping with anxiety on public transport.  The app could also provide alerts of what might be needed for your journey such as ‘remember to get your ticket’. Just to reiterate this product is just for a university project and not something I would be developing.

I just wanted to know if anyone thought this would be an app useful for the autistic community or if anyone knew of any other existing apps similar to what I have described above. 

I would really value anyone’s opinions and if anyone was willing to share their experiences using public transport. 


Many Thanks 


  • I'm not sure what exactly you're proposing. I use my local bus company's own app, which includes timetables, a journey planner, and an e-ticket purchasing facility. I download a ticket onto my phone which covers the area in which I need to travel for a set number of days, and I get a reminder when it's about to expire. I can see live arrival times on the phone app when I'm at a bus stop, so I know approximately when the bus will arrive. I hold my phone, displaying my e-ticket, under the scanner when I board so I don't need to ask for a particular ticket. This helps me.

  • I have a family member with autism who I think would benefit from an App like this. She will shortly be commencing further education and I am hoping she will be able to travel independently. I believe an App like this could possibly distract her thus alleviating her anxieties around travelling on public transport. She uses games Apps to distract her from her anxiety but games incorporated within a journey planning App would prevent the need to change from one App to another. 

  • That's a really good idea :) If I'm feeling overwhelmed on the tram, I sometimes play games on my phone, listen to music, or read to help me relax. However, I sometimes get so engrossed in the activity that I miss my stop! It'd be good to have a reminder appear on the screen/over your headphones to say that your stop is approaching (if you're able to incorporate some kind of tracker for the tram/bus/train you're on).