Is this how you would part with a friend?

I met up with one of my friends today. I really enjoyed it and am just reflecting on it all. One thing I am naturally terrible at - and what I am dwelling on is how we said ‘goodbye’ at the end.

The last time I met this friend (about a year ago) she said ‘see you later’ to me on parting. Today, we were on the tube and talking right to the very end before she had to get off at her stop. As the train pulled in to her stop, I initiated a cuddle with her (she initiated one with me when we met). She said something along the lines of it was good to have met and good luck with my masters and dissertation (which I am currently working on) and wished me a good Christmas.

The words that ring in my ears though were her final words to me ‘see you, bye’. She then left the tube very quickly and didn’t stay on the platform to wave as the train left with me on it.

Is ‘see you, bye’ a suggestion that she doesn’t want to see me again? Last year when we parted she said ‘see you later’ to me. This meant that I had the confidence to reach out and message her and arrange today because she said that. Ending today on ‘See you, bye’ means that I will be much less likely to be as confident in the future to reach out to her again.

We spent six hours together today and I really enjoyed it.

Do you think that ending it in this way has shut the door on me contacting her again (maybe in a year or so) to arrange another catch up?

I sent the following message to her shortly after she left and I was about to board the train home:

‘Hi [friend’s name], great to see you today! I really enjoyed catching up with you - hope you enjoyed it to. I hope you have a great Christmas! ’

I got the following reply (pretty instantly)

‘Thanks hope you have a great christmas too!’

Does this suggest that she still wants to meet again one day?