Weekend update

Yesterday, I went with my neighbour to a Café in a nearby village, then went to the Christmas Lights switch-on in our town yesterday evening. However, I didn't stay half-an-hour as I felt lonely with all the food and kids around. In the end, I got a lift home from a man buying cigarettes - for himself - at the shop opposite.

This morning, our electricity was briefly off - from 8 am to 9 am. I had a bit of confusion around the trips. But the electricity man sorted that out for me. Then I was bleeding my radiators, wondering why there was no heat, whenever I realised that I needed to switch on the furnace again, due to the earlier cut in supply.

I ordered a new slow cooker early yesterday morning - as my 1978 vintage gave up the ghost then - and it was delivered to my house two hours ago. (from Argos) I have the chicken cooking now; might have to stay up late to see it through.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a friend from Brighton; recently diagnosed with Asperger's. We do have communication issues with each other, which I have to work around. However, my instinct is to be right all-the-time. (comes from being undervalued by my nan, while I was the vindicated one in the debate)

I did my usual round of laundry this afternoon/evening. And I ordered a Chinese delivery. Yum!