Yesterday, I went with my neighbour - and her five-year-old granddaughter - to Cookstown to pass an afternoon. We went to Home Bargains to buy decorations for our tree. Then, when heading to the checkout, I went towards the entrance door by mistake. The wee girl had frazzled my brain with her Peppa Pig game on her tablet. (plus, she barely ate the sausage and chips - with ketchup - her nan bought for her, I ended up taking the rest)

Then, this morning, I was ready to put a chicken in my slow cooker - from 1978, a wedding gift for my mum - whenever there was smoke coming out. In the end, I ordered a new one from Argos online, to be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Not a wise decision to make at 6 am on a Saturday after little sleep. |(

The chicken is use-by tomorrow.

D'oh! D'oh! And Triple D'oh!

I also called Lifeline Helpline - a Northern Ireland equivalent of Samaritans - last night and this morning, just to hear a voice in the other end.