Advice needed

Hello,  this is a long one I’m afraid, so my OH was diagnosed with autism and Aspergers a couple of years ago now he’s in his late 40s, we don’t seem to be able to communicate and I find him quite selfish at times ( I don’t know if it’s just him in general or purposely) we haven’t had a intimate relationship for over 4 years now since our last child was born,I’m struggling with this in particular as I don’t see there’s a point in being in a relationship, he blames me for wanting our last child even though he didn’t particularly want to have another child ( I’m younger and only had the two and wasn’t done having children) I can be quite untidy at times but not dirty if that makes sense, I have a full on job and suffer with anxiety at times, I feel like we haven’t got anything in common and when he try’s to bring up a conversation it’s how bad of a person I am and that I don’t do anything, I get angry, we argue and then he’s frosty with me for days, just to add he doesn’t  work but does an amazing job with our children, when I do get time away from work I tidy the house up, when we do have a conversation it’s usually about his bug bears about me and feels more like a lecture and literally just drains me.. I do love him and try to do my best for him but I don’t know how much more I can take of this , I’m treading on egg shells worried that I’m going to offend him,as he gets offended with even the smallest of comments for eg I told him he smelt of popcorn once ( he was sat eating it) and I was the worse human on the planet! And he called me an abuser! I’ve got so much more to say but I don’t know how to say it.. anyway any advice on how to communicate with him so he doesn’t keep thinking I’m the wicked witch of the west and make him happy would be much appreciated!! Tia