Things that confuse me about haircuts

Neurotypicals seem to place quite a high priority on how their hair looks and I really don't understand their fixation with it. For example:

  1. Why they talk about going to the hairdresser (who cares?)
  2. Why they enjoy having their hair cut (bright lights, horrible chemical smells and a hairdresser who talks incessant b*****ks)
  3. Why they walk up to you periodically with a big grin and say, "So, what do you think? Do you like it?" (as if I'm expected to notice that something has changed. Hint: I never do)
  4. Why they constantly brush, fluff-up or re-style their hair throughout the day (I ran a cursory brush through it when I got up, and I go to work to, y'know, work, not play with my hair all day)
  5. Why hairdressers are always trying to convince you to 'try something new' (err, it's taken me a decade to find something that both looks and feels acceptable, why would I change that?)
  6. Why they cost so much (especially with the amount of torment we have to put up with, per point 2, frankly we should be paid to be sat there)

Do you understand it? Funny stories and explanations both welcome and encouraged.

  • We have a lady that comes to do my wife's hair - so I get my ears lowered at the same time - I have no style - just 'shorter' until my wife says it's ok.   That's how much interest I have in hair.

    The good thing about short hair is zero maintenance - I don't own a comb. 

  • I rarely even comb/brush my hair....

  • Why hairdressers are always trying to convince you to 'try something new' (err, it's taken me a decade to find something that both looks and feels acceptable, why would I change that?)

    I want lego hair. Find something i like and just snap it on my head in the morning like a lego person. No haircuts.  

    The worst part of a haircut is trying to explain what you want, even though it is bleedin' obvious , same as before, duh.  

     Second worst is sitting in front of a mirror for half an hour looking at your own moosh. 

    The third worst is having to act satisfied when you pay, while you feel like screaming and running out of the salon, lol. 

    The fourth worst is getting home immediately afterwards, taking off your hat (because you put one on when you left) and proceeding to CORRECT the hairdresser's work, which you hate, then ending up crying in the sink with big lumps of hair in it that will take 2 months to grow back.

  • 1. They care about image more than 'substance'

    2. They care about what other people think

    3. It's part of the social ritual of 'nothing chat' / 'verbal grooming' - grooming in the sense like when you see monkeys picking lice out of each other's fur as a form of 'social bonding'

    I cut my own hair with clippers: 6mm on the sides, 9mm on the top, 3mm at the back for anything below the level of the bottom of the ears

    It's only gone wrong twice when the length guide slipped/came off... hair grows back so 'no biggie'. I'd quite happily just go 6mm all over (or even 3 or 0) but the wife's not keen...

  • I've only once been to a hairdresser...never again. I don't like being touched, can't convincingly pretend to care, hate small talk etc. I cut my own hair. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes not so good but I don't care really. I shaved it last year but I'm so nesh I was permanently cold. 

    People were very shocked that I did my own wedding hair and make up. I usually think professional wedding looks look awful. The person looks so different. My sister spent a fortune on having her lovely natural curls straightened and then recurled. Her make up was so heavy she ended up taking it off and doing it herself.

  • 1. 2.I like to look good, it makes me confident.

    3. Because they like you and wanna hear sth nice from you. They like to share their happiness, it makes them happier.

    4. Sometimes it's tics, sometimes it's hair getting in front of your eyes and sometimes they just wanna fix a tiny bit so they feel more comfortable and beautiful in their bodies

    5. Because a lot of people are just too afraid to ask.

    6. Because hairdressers are people who need to earn money same as everyone.

  • I'm not into fashion and style in the usual sense for females but I take my own sort of interest in it. A good haircut is part of my identity and always has been. This used to be and probably still is tied to notions of the music I like. Having said all this, I don take time to style my hair, it's wash and a 2 minute dry. I don't understand how people can mess around with their hair as much as they do.

    If you saw me you probably wouldn't think my hair was out of the ordinary however, growing up it was the norm for girls to have perfectly straight hair, and many girls dye their hair. I've never felt I had to do this. So embracing my curls and greyness was my way of taking a stand against this as I have never felt like a typical female or felt like I need to fit in.

    If "NT" people want to fettle and faff with their hair then that's entirely up to them.  I woukd leave them to it and not judge just as I would like them to let me be.

  • Hi! I like to get my hair trimmed and my highlights redone at least once every 3 months BUT I don’t feel the need to talk about it constantly, I just think about it periodically. We have a hairdresser visit our house once every 6 weeks as it’s cheaper and easier with the children, my youngest who’s two also has ASD and she hates having her hair cut, she would also cause chaos in a hairdressing salon! Also it’s in our home environment so no bright lights and sadly for our hairdresser, I’m the one who talks incessant b******s! I usually forget that I’ve had my hair done about 24 hours later and like yourself I only brush it when I get up and before I go out. I’m a low maintenance hair girl, I only wash and condition it then let it air dry, I can’t be dealing with dryers/straighteners/et al. A fringe actually suites me better but I cba with maintaining a fringe properly so I don’t have one anymore. Our hairdresser is well trained/knows I’m an awkward cow and doesn’t bother trying to convince me to try anything new :-)