Hard to work like a normal person does because of not being able to relax when I come home due to having with ASD and ADHD

Been diagnosed with ASD and ADHD end of last year. Whatever jobs I am in and more recently straightforward jobs picking up the phone and entering data even if I was to do something like this I cannot come home like a normal person and relax so it is hard to do a job like a neuro-typical person does. It may be due to lack of social understanding on how to read a book or watch TV as my memory is non existent and lack of socializing.

I am on a very good diet and one natural medication that is a slow homeopathic remedy. 

What is your guys thoughts on how to after working like a nt person relaxing like a neuro typical person even though I am not ? 



  • ND folk are like NT, in the sense that were incredibly diverse and what works for one doesn't work for the other. I too am autistic and am awaiting an assessment for ADHD. I've worked with a lot of students who have ADHD so am 100% certain I have the same labels as you.

    I'm not big on segregation, so I wouldn't focus on the NT/ND angle and instead just look at strategies to unwind in general. For example, I know many people who are NT who don't enjoy watching tv after work and don't like reading. They go to the cinema, bake, paint etc. Its all about trying out different things to find out what you enjoy. Personally, excercise and aromatherapy help me to relax. I run 5k 3 times a week and use scents such as lavender oil in my diffuser to help me wind down. I tend to potter around in an evening; including listening to music, chatting to my husband, sewing, tidying etc.