Would love to chat more: site too slow.

Just a quick post (well anything but "quick") to check whether anyone else has found the forums exceptionally slow and unreliable for the past week or two. I've tried all of the obvious things at my end to see if I can sort things out...

  • Tried both Chrome and Firefox on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.
  • Cleared histories, caches, and cookies.
  • Reset my router (which shows no activity while site access is stalled).
  • Not a wireless problem, as I'm hard-wired to my router.
  • Full scan with two different anti-malware packages (nothing found).
  • No custom browser add-ons.

Access to some other sites has intermittently been a little slower than usual from time to time, but no other site that I use has been anything like as bad as this one. Sometimes cancelling a page load and starting again will make a page come up a little quicker, but even then, pages are loading in little chunks at a time with long waits in between - worse than the old dial-up days, so I don't think I'm being impatient. Very occasionally, I get the orange "lost connection" boxes, but not very often; so I don't think that's the problem.

In the mean time; if I don't seem very chatty or I'm slow to reply, it's most likely because I've got fed up of twiddling my thumbs while I stare at a blank screen or those pulsating blobs!

  • I find the community forums to be exceptionally slow too.

    For some reason, it seems to me that refreshing the webpage, sometimes, open it quicker.

    I find other websites to be, definitely, faster.

  • Yeah, slow as treacle here too a lot of the time.  I guess the NAS have finite resources, so can only dedicate so much server power to the forum here.

  • Thanks for the confirmations that it's most likely not just a problem at my end or with my ISP.

    I can't help feeling that the site has been far worse for this since it was revamped from the tried-and-tested BBCode format that it used to have; and I feel somewhat sorry for our "WebMD" who it seems is having to deal with a sub-contractor who's code tries to be too clever by half and has not been up to scratch right from the start (e.g. the "invisible buttons" which once plagued the site). If resources are limited, then using an implementation with all the fancy additional features we gained (which no-one was asking for) doesn't seem particularly prudent, and I do rather suspect that style trounced usability somewhere on-high.