School Issues

hello everyone. my boy recently started secondary school, it is a broad-spectrum school, he is autistic and is struggling. I understand he needs time to settle in, however there have been several issues at the school already where my son has been a victim of inappropriate sexual behaviour. I understand that the children there have a variety of additional needs, however my son is very able to communicate and make people aware of what is happening however he was unable to do this because he felt he wasn't listened to. we will as his parents be making a complaint, but in fairness to the school we now have half term so are unable to act accordingly until the school is back of half term. I just feel so heart broken that my son has been exposed to such behaviour. I suppose I am just looking to sound off and see if any other parents children have experienced this. my boy was unable to go to an autism specialist school because we were told he would be unable to access the curriculum because his levels are that of a year 1-2  however he is very intelligent and very articulate.

My son is adverse to learning, if we felt we could educate him at home we would but we feel he wouldn't be compliant, and that is our worry. any advice would be appreciated.