Diagnosis awaiting with no support..

My son is 7, he is the most beautiful , kindest little boy I know .. we have been waiting for a diagnosis for such a long time and I really need support, maybe advice would help me not feel so alone..

among many things he has a tendency to let situations wether this be social or just general things frustrate him , so I’m new to the whole autism traits thing but he self harms , he will scratch his face till it bleeds and rock back and forth, I’m not really sure why this happens , google isn’t the most reliable source and wondered if anyone had any advice for me to help him stop or try and find alternatives to help him .. it makes me so upset for him because I can’t imagine how it feels to be him , but after it happens he doesn’t really show any thought for the pain it may cause himself.. he has quite a few scars from where he has done it in the past , he does it with fingernails only .. I mean does anyone have any experience in this .. the help we ask for is just school putting him on his own to calm down, which I don’t think makes it better. Hoping someone here can shed some light .. desperate mum !

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