Regional Slang and Dialect

I often use terms that no one around me understands that I have picked up from my parents and grandparents.

One set of grandparents came from the  North East Midlands, my other grandmother was from South Wales, and my other grandfather and his ancestry was from the county of squires and spires, Northamptonshire.

So these areas have probably influenced greatly some of the terms I have learned.

So I will start off with some of my favourites (there are many more)

Bobby's buttons:  burrs, the tiny little spheres that stick to you when on a country walk

Birmingham/Brummie/Brummagem Screwdriver:  A hammer

The Dog Shelf:  The floor

Jitty:  An alley way

Over Bills Mothers:  Where the rain comes from (as in 'Its looking dark over Bill's Mothers') 

I will put some more on later, but don't want to put too many on as I want to see what others say (and perhaps where you think they are from)

Nothing X certificate please!