Weeny Peeves

Glad Tidings, Anyone reading. Please add your own 'Weeny Peeve', here, and VENT about it, if needs must. A Small (weeny) thing, which is irritating (peevish)... enough to be irritating, yet not so large as to breakdown One's life... I shall try examples of what I mean, thusly:

...Packets which say:"Pull here to open" --- Yet upon pulling, only the "Pull Here" part opens, and One must resort to the use of tools such as Scissors to open the rest of the darn thing.

...That floating bit of FLUFF which just *will not land* and so can constantly evade being swept up or cleaned away. (Vacuum Cleaners must be employed, here.)

...Things which state that they cost under "X" amount of money, yet only because they cost "X minus 1 plus 99-pence"... The saving of just 1 Pence is ALWAYS touted loudly as a bargain!

...TV Shows which are fictional but when beginning to discuss a real-life impasse, it is as if the writers know this and so change the subject... usually with something loud/dramatic/exploding.

...Not something I myself do, but have often seen done: When eating something "crunchy", upon the first bite, the rest of it fairly disintegrates so much that collecting the fragments is no longer worth any nutrition gained from the effort.

... Even if no-one else replies, I Myself may add to this Thread, now that I have started it, for everyday things. Good Fortune and Stay Safe, All.

  • More "Weeny Peeves"... not sure if I should continue this Thread, though.

    When running a Cold bath ( - yes, "Cold", not hot - ), sometimes the resultant bath turns out to be steaming Hot. Nothing to do with the time of year, either.

    "Faulty" Candles. These are those Candles where the Wick is lit, but it just burns down and goes out; and if it is attempted to be lit again, then the Wax melts and puts the wick out again. ...'Hours of Fun', there. (!)

    Toothpaste tubes which squeeze themselves. That is to say... it looks empty, but it always has more to give, it will just not show You how to get what is left... so there.

    ThereAreSomePeopleUsuallyChildren,Yeah... ... ... ...WhoBunchWordsTogetherReallyQuckly... ... ... ...AndThenLeaveALongPauseInbetween... ... ... AndTheyTalkLikeThisAllTheTime,Yeah...?
    (This may be a "South London" thing, though...!)

    The "EPG-Timer Setting" upon a TV Recording device. (EPG = "Electronic Program Guide".) It seems to find it funny to cut off the endings of a TV Program, so that I do not know how the Plot turns out. I learnt to never use it. The EPG is supposed to be timed exactly, but is it secretly working towards some hidden, sinister, higher agenda...? ;-)

    ...With regards to TV-Shows and Bad Guys as I said before, I forgot to mention: f) Has Hair which is 'slicked back'. The Beard and Upperclass English thing still seems to carry on to this day, though.

    The fact that around my area, about 1/5th of ALL Cars... is a Toyota Prius. But they then disappear upon my reaching New Malden... Why?

    People who as soon as they get off a Bus decide to cross the Road directly in front of the same Bus.

    When standing in a queue, the Customer in front colludes with the desk-person to think it funny to begin a loooooooooooong "conversation". This is usually when I am just then the only other person in the Queue. I am so used to this happening to Me by now (see my Username), that when they start this, I simply walk away. The good part is when I look back, and see them looking at Me walking off, and so they stop their "conversation" immediately -- because They did not expect Me to do that.

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