Weeny Peeves

Glad Tidings, Anyone reading. Please add your own 'Weeny Peeve', here, and VENT about it, if needs must. A Small (weeny) thing, which is irritating (peevish)... enough to be irritating, yet not so large as to breakdown One's life... I shall try examples of what I mean, thusly:

...Packets which say:"Pull here to open" --- Yet upon pulling, only the "Pull Here" part opens, and One must resort to the use of tools such as Scissors to open the rest of the darn thing.

...That floating bit of FLUFF which just *will not land* and so can constantly evade being swept up or cleaned away. (Vacuum Cleaners must be employed, here.)

...Things which state that they cost under "X" amount of money, yet only because they cost "X minus 1 plus 99-pence"... The saving of just 1 Pence is ALWAYS touted loudly as a bargain!

...TV Shows which are fictional but when beginning to discuss a real-life impasse, it is as if the writers know this and so change the subject... usually with something loud/dramatic/exploding.

...Not something I myself do, but have often seen done: When eating something "crunchy", upon the first bite, the rest of it fairly disintegrates so much that collecting the fragments is no longer worth any nutrition gained from the effort.

... Even if no-one else replies, I Myself may add to this Thread, now that I have started it, for everyday things. Good Fortune and Stay Safe, All.

  • Hardly any fish and chip takeaways offer gluten-free chips.

    When someone gets out of a car and opens the door abruptly and very quickly and loudly, leaping out of the vehicle with no etiquette.

  • Buying oranges which look perfectly fine - yet next day one is totally green with mould!

    The million pound question on 'Who wants to be a millionaire' which is so easy but they competitor does not know the answer!

    Shops and businesses that these days won't accept credit cards - especially as 'Big Issue' sellers are known to take them!

  • What an awesome idea for a post.

     Yay and more yay, for thou is truly thoughtful and seriously clever :)

     where shall I begin?

    Biscuit packets,,, yes most do not have a little tag to pull on to open the second from top biscuit aperture. Little grrr there,

    When purchasing scissors they tend to lock them from opening with the strongest know cable tie known to mankind, if only I had a pair of scissors to cut the darn thing?

    equaly when purchasing cheap pound shop reading glasses, a cable tie again super cooper strong, but tiny and snug fitting, it needs a sharp tiny pair of clippers to surgically remove it.

     Offers that portray to save money but are in a smaller size from the usual, if you study the price per kilo it is often easy to spot. 

    Buy one get one free offers, some are genuine and save money, but on occasion it costs more than buying two singular items, which btw they hide away so you cannot easily compare like for like. Sneaky so and so’s

    As you can see I find a fair amount that peeves me. But ah well I see them and therefore ignore them and let others decide if they are ok.

     You have brightened a dark place tonight, keep shining and be you. 



  • ...A few more, I think of more only when they occur though.

    Persons who leave a used item (bottle, newspaper) upon Public Transport, <> identical to one which is already littering the floor. ("Hey, MINE isn't on the floor, y'see, it's standing up, there!")

    A mysterious illness/cut/rash/blemish, which appears for no reason... but then disappears when the appointment with the Doctor is due. And then reappears after that event. (!)

    The same Food where they all have the same expiry date / ingredients, yet they taste completely different.

    Opening a bottle, where the top does not open, but just spins round and round and round...

    When something has just been "cleaned", from spectacles to clothing to pushbikes. Somedays I have it as if every single bit of flotsam upon this Good Earth aims to land just at that cleaned thing... flies, leaves, debris, mud... I mean, what is that all about?

    People who speak using the word "like", a lot. Like, this is, like, really, like, frustrating okay, like, get to Your, like, *point*, okay?
    ...Similarly, people who say "Y'know" when, quite honestly... "Y'don't" know. Yet they build every assumption onwards from some assumed ambiguity...

    When the Weather keeps alternating fast between raining and sunshine but there is no Rainbow inbetween. (Boooo!)

    Old 60s American Murder-Mystery Films/TV Programs, where the "bad guy" is identifiable by any or all of the following: a) He has an Upperclass English accent, b) He has a Neat Beard, c) Is the only one wearing a 3-Piece Suit. d) Is aloof, e) Is self-deprecating in manner.

    ...As mentioned so far slightly... buying a thing which is encapsulated in a thick moulded plastic, with absolutely no methods given upon how to safely open it. This is really confusing and if One is physically weak - like Myself (!) - then it takes at least half-an-hour to open it. Even things for Children are like this.

    I should say... Thanks for Posting, ALL so far! Yes, some of 'this and that and the other' could well start Threads of their own, Hmmmmm? But I am signing off for now. Thanks Again.

  • Food packaging really irritates me. Why so much plastic? Why do I need plastic around potatoes and apples? And then the outrage about plastic straws - but what about the tonnes of plastic that chicken comes in or basically any food you buy from a supermarket? It's madness. (As a side point, cardboard straws are a waste of time, which is why they were plastic. Why do you even need straws in the first place?)

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  • Cars with the engine left running for no apparent reason.

    Cartons of milk that are supposedly easy to open but which stick so hard that you have to take the scissors to them.

    Those adjustable hinges that most kitchen/bathroom fitters now use which are OK at first but which gradually adjust themselves out of position altogether.

    Conifer hedges that are either out of control or have been cut back so hard that they're just bare trunks.  No, they very often won't grow back.  They're dead.  

  • Yes, those oranges, and rotting potatoes after 2 days, that smell, you know what I mean?

    Milk cartons with plastic opening that spit the liquid, so that you have to open corners with scissors to avoid spills.

    Those plastic bottles that you can't open as they spin

    When calling an organisation, waiting in a queue and at the end being told to redial