Parliamentary Autism Debate

Parliament is going to have another Autism Debate, which I believe will be on 21 March.

The main NAS site has a form to complete to invite your MP to attend this debate.

I think we should all complete the form, altering the main text to state our own personal experiences which we have had in being autistic.  Yes, three quarters of MPs might not attend this debate, having 'better things to do', but they are our representatives and whether they attend the debate or not we may make them think about the problems we face.  They are our lawmakers, they are the ones who can deal with discrimination, they are the ones who make laws on how PIP is organised, they are the ones who can make diagnosis easier and faster.

Mention the difficulties you have - at work, with official bodies, with getting services.  And your MP should reply to you, so post your replies if you do get one.  This is one thing that can make a difference..  We should be lobbying MPs, writing to Newspapers and complaining.  There will always be the apathetic who do not think it will make a difference but inaction certainly won't make a difference. 

And it may just make your MP understand.

The link to the page is here:,66F6U,OSRFNG,OBC76,1