Money- As A Social 'Essential' Not Mentioned.

Greetings, anyone. This another of those Things which, if I ever gained access to 'Social Media/Forums', I have wanted to ask to "The Public". Responses, Support, Counters, Serious or Light... I do not mind.

This is in two Parts:

Part 1 - Partaking of 'Society' nowadays, totally disregards Money. For example: We are all, Young and Old, forced to 'Do things Online'. But what is never mentioned is that to be 'Online' requires a Device and a Subscription. These things cost a LOT of money... but this is glossed over as "Just a Click Away!" and similar. Purchases, Devices, Accounts, Subscriptions, Apps... such Prerequisites are NEVER mentioned. Adverts may sell one or two of those mentioned things, but never the fact that they (the PRICE Of) are needed Altogether.

Part 2 - This second is a simple observation. How much is it TRUE that Those who work within the "National Infrastructure" - Essential Services - (Such as Doctor, Nurse, Police, Fire Rescue, CareWork, etc.) ... are paid Wayyy less, than Non-Essential Things, (Such as Politicians, Footballers, Actors, etc.)...?

(To simplify all of this, another example...: Who, why and what, would anyone take if forced to be stranded upon a very faraway Desert Island? A Mobile Phone and a Footballer, with no connections... Or a Toolkit and a Nurse, also with no connections...)

Thanks for Reading. I may not be able to Post so much lately, but I am still who I am, and I intend to stay seeking what - and whom - I seek.