I feel lost in the world with my uniqueness,

During the last year I have started to notice increasing amount of attraction to female and girls school uniforms to the point of browsing the websites to looking the fashion, I'm a male with autism and my autism is really annoying me as everything it sees in the world I would want to experience what it would be like in that situation and I have had someone ones over the years. 

This with women and girls school uniform is purely just curiosity that my brain is telling me it want to see what it feels like for women or girls to wear the wider range of clothing and styles available to them what men can't wear due to it being tagged as women. 

I sort of see everything in this world as general neatural so I see the fashion in that way too, I was wondering if any over autisitic people suffer from same thing where get attraction to the other gender fashion to purely just what it feels like to wear it. 

I know the things I want to really try is chokers, leggings, crop tops, jumpsuits and girls school uniform like skirts and pinafores