Wanting cannabis/marijuana to be legalized in the UK

Hello I am thinking about writing an email to my local MP because I would like for cannabis to finally be legalized in the UK for medical reasons as one of its benefits and also I would like to see it be legalized for other reasons I think and for the minimum age to smoke cannabis to be set at age 18 as we become adults at that age in this country for many other purposes so I don't see why it cannot be set at age 18 like most other countries have set it at that age and because of many other things having a minimum age of 18 too. Also we should all be allowed to make all types of decisions as adults who are age 18 or over like whether to smoke cannabis or not or do other stuff as no age restrictions should apply to adults either because age restrictions should only apply to children and teenagers who are underage. I really need some good advice please.

  • While I agree that the uses of cannabis should be explored, and also that adult people should be able to abuse their bodies if it doesn't affect other people, there are other issues about this that should be addressed.

    First there is the smell on every street corner that I find so repugnant and I am sure others do.  I do not wish to breathe in second hand smoke, whether of cigarettes or cannabis or anything else and I am sure it does me no good.  So use should be restricted to confines where it cannot be detected by others ... so how could this be done?

    Second, there is a world of difference between smoking the odd joint and regularly taking cannabis for 'medical' purposes.  The extract of cannabis would be undetectable to other people and there are many drugs around which are legal for medical purposes but which cause antisocial behaviour if taken outside medical supervision.

    Third, some forms of synthetic cannabis are being produced now which are extremely dangerous and have led to sudden deaths when used for recreational use.  However, once again if a medical use could be found for these and used under normal medical supervision I could not see why there should be a blanket ban.

    Cannabis is one of the few substances that has a near outright 'ban' on its use, although this now seems to be relaxed in some instances.  And police very rarely these days seem to do anything about it or street corners in the town I work would not have the smell lingering under clouds of smoke.

    Cannabis oil available in the health shop contains virtually none of the active substance, probably about the same as chewing a piece of hemp rope. Whether it actually has any effect as a medical substance I cannot say.

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