Increasing autism awareness and understanding projects

Hello, my name is Jordan and I am 25 years old. I was diagnosed just over a year ago and still have not fully processed this yet, I do not think. In December I managed to achieve what many autistic adults struggle to in managing to find full time work. I was very proud of this at the time and felt it was with possibly one of the best organisations for me to be understood properly and treated fairly. I won't name the organisation but safe to say this was not the case.

I feel that over the last 12 months or more that I have seen that autistic people are still seen primarily for their weaknesses rather than what they have to offer. I try to watch content that is aimed at promoting better awareness of autism where I am aware of it. So far, what I have seen generally focuses on difficulties of autism again, not the strengths and capabilities. Not showing autistic people thriving in a host of situations where their stereotype could not. And in some cases even portrays autistic people as freaks to be pitied.

For one reason or another, the ultimate aim of increased understanding and awareness and by extension, equal opportunities, is not being fully reached. I have tried to get involved in projects through my work to use my experiences and set of skills but have found this to be far harder than it should be. It has been like butting my head against a wall. If anyone is aware of any projects that I would be able to get involved with in some capacity, I would be most grateful. I don't know what form that would take but I am very open about my diagnosis and am keen to use my experiences and see how I can be best utilised to help.

Any questions, feel free to ask.