Apps for non verbal five year old

my five year old grandson is non verbal autistic and shows an interest in my iPad. Can anyone suggest any good SIMPLE apps for him. I have looked online but am overwhelmed with all that are available and when I look at them they are too complicated. He is in mainline school and picks things up very quickly. Thanks

  • Upcard is a good app to help with communication in non-verbal children. Other than that I don’t have any personal experience with any, but when searching for one you need to be specific. For example in your post above you haven’t said what sort of apps you want - educational, to help with communication, to help with play, games, problem solving etc.

    Normally I would search online with keywords for the type of app I require, as this is often a quicker way of finding something suitable, with a good description of what the app is, instead of looking in the App Store.