How do people keep cool?

I am sitting melting i just don't know what to do, it's 33c here at the moment, but plenty of people live in hotter climates, how do they do it, my body and face have sweat running down them 24/7 and have had during all of this hot spell. What am I doing wrong? I have seen people on their way to the train in suits looking as cool as ever it makes no sense to me, can't they feel this heat?

  • Open the windows when it's cooler outside than in. 

    It helps to open windows on both sides of the building - you should find a gentle breeze blows through. Keep the curtains shut during the day.

    Get a fan if you can find one. 

    The fabric of the clothes for hotter climes is usually a lighter weight than the typical fabric in the uk. Stay away from polycotton, preferring pure cotton or linen in a loose fit if possible.

    Go for shorts and a thin t-shirt, left untucked. Sandals, no socks.  (I don't advise driving in sandals though).

    Adapt your activity level to the temperature. Many people in the tropics may seem to be shuffling slowly along the pavement. So you need to rediscover a comfortable speed for activity when the mercury rises. 

    Consider your diet. Shift away from fatty, fried food with lots of carbs and prefer steamed/boiled instead. Leafy greens and things like watermelon. 

  • As long as the bus/train has air-con, they'll be fine - perhaps even glad of the extra layer. ;)

    If the weather continued like this for 6 months and more, you would find that your body would acclimatise. 

  • I feel exactly the same ... I know that everybody feel the heat and suffer in one way or another but for me although I try to avoid as much as I can heat means pain and overload and I’m on a verge of fainting... 

  • That made me smile - not thinking about you being hot, but when I was in Bali I was sweating all the time. I was so hot yet just about everyone else seemed almost as cool as cucumbers and I wondered, how are they doing it and what was I doing wrong? I did figure out there were quite a few things I was doing wrong but the biggest change I made was in my mindset. I simply told myself that I was cool, I could handle the heat, it wasn't a problem. I then started to make the other changes, the things I was doing wrong, but I left all of a sudden before I could implement all of them. DongFeng gave some good strategies, they're all good and reminded me that I've got something I can wear this week when I go out, a nice loose linen dress!

  • Lucky you have the true summer weather! This is usual for July here, but this year this stupid weather system won't budge so clouds and storms keep coming back.

    Try keeping some cold or tepid water in the bath and having a cool bath if it is hot at night.

  • I suppose I'm lucky in that I'm more sensitive to cold and am quite happy with the heat.  I used to do distance running in the heat, and still cycle in it.  I've always found moderate exercise to help in acclimatisation. 

    Heat is one thing, though.  It's the humidity that does me in.  When it's like that, if I don't have to go out anywhere I stay in with blinds closed and minimal clothing, plus a fan going.  In hot weather,  I drink plenty of cold water to keep cool and hydrated.

  • I really struggle with it too, particularly sleeping. I run cold water over the inside of my wrists which seems to help a bit.

  • I think it's just a matter of getting used to the environment. If it were above 33C and super humid all the time, then you would be quite comfortable right now. Something I do when it's really hot is when I take a shower, I turn it a bit cooler at the end, so I'm not sweating as soon as I come out. It works to keep one comfortable for an hour or two at least. Also, make sure you keep hydrated. You only really have to worry if you stop sweating. The real bonus of this weather, as I see it, is that we can eat ice cream and not feel too self-indulgent. Also, apparently coffee or tea make one feel cooler. It contracts the blood vessels or something.

  • Hi Song,

    Keep your place ventilated - opening windows is key. Drinking plenty of water means that you won't feel dehydrated as well. If you have it, air conditioning can be helpful. Dressing in lighter clothing helps as well!

    For sweat, a lot of people will use anti-perspirant to prevent it, so it looks like they are quite comfortable, when in reality they are simply hiding the telling signs of heat discomfortx

    Much love <3