Bemused by Diagnoses

I'm sat here wondering after bringing up OUR two children for 19 years (daughter 17, son 19) how in the last 10 months they have both been diagnosed with ASC.  If it hadn't been for my daughter developing anorexia we would never have known they had ASD.  The diagnosis of my son yesterday has left me wondering in his case whether the diagnosis will cause problems for him where without the diagnosis he had none.   For example he is currently at Uni and obviously has to get a job at some point.  He is incredibly bright but he will struggle with interviews.   Had he not known abouthis ASC he may have put a bad interview behind him and moved on to the next (afterall we don't all get the first job we're interviewed for) but I can't help wondering if now he knows he has ASC he will blame every interview failure on this and send him on a downward spiral in terms of his mental health.   I'm feeling bad now about suggesting he had an ADOS assessment but it was suggested to us by my daughter's paychologist.