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My phone means everything to me - not for keeping contact with people, but for the wonderful apps and services a smartphone provides.  Having a smartphone has made my life so much easier and has assisted me with some of my day-to-day difficulties

So as a lighthearted thread I was wondering if you have any apps that you absolutely love or have recently discovered and would like to discuss?

Some wonderful apps I have recently come across are:

This app and website is all about recording your observations on nature and wildlife and then sharing them with a community.  It can be used to identify species of plants, mammals, reptiles etc. as well as learn about what species are living in your local area.  For me, this is like a real life Pokemon and it combines my love of nature and walking, with actively seeking out wildlife and learning more about it.  The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

JouleBug is a sustainability app that lists many ways you can help to reduce your impact on the planet.  This can be from small things like turning lights off when you leave a room, to much larger things such as organising or attending a sustainability event.  I like this app as it showed me what I am currently doing to reduce my impact and what other steps I can take to build on it.  You can tell in some sections that it was originally designed for a US market, but is still applicable for the rest of the world.  The app can also work as a social media feed, where you can see what others are doing to minimise their impact and adopting new routines.  I am not a big fan of social media platforms as there is a lot of hatred and negativity, but this seems to be positive and everyone is there for the same agenda.  You also don't have to interact with others if you don't want to and is completely optional.  The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Calm is a meditation/relaxation app and website aimed at helping users to adopted meditation and mindfulness into their day-today lives.  I have used the free version of this app for some time and was sad to see that some of the features switched to pay for only.  Saying that I decided to pay for the membership and haven't been disappointed.  There are a number of sessions to choose from which can help with anxiety, guilt, sleep and much more.  They have also introduced some masterclasses as well and the one on rest I found interesting.  The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

There are a couple of other apps I am trying at the moment which may be added to this list, but I was wondering if you have stumbled on any good apps lately or whether you use one regularly that you want to share with others?

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